Still Running XP?

That old computer isn’t dead yet! You can bring it back to life in less than an hour by installing Linux!

Let’s face it, most people use their computers for 2 things, email and surfing the web. Linux comes ready for those tasks with the Firefox web browser and the Thunderbird email client! (As well as dozens of other programs to sort and play your music, edit your photos, write letters etc.)

Have an Android phone or tablet too? Plug it in, and Mint will give you access to all the files on the device. Makes it easy to move your favorite music and photos to your phone or tablet!

We recommend Linux Mint for that task!

First thing to do is back up your personal files like photos and music. Thumb drives make this an easy process of you don’t have a lot of files. Just copy your files from your computer, to the thumb drive! After that’s done, safely remove the thumb drive and put it aside until it’s time to copy your files back to your computer.

Next, it’s time to try out Mint:

Make sure you are connected to the internet on the machine to be upgraded, then, download Mint to your hard drive. we recommend the Mint 13 distribution for older computers. Further, we recommend you download the MATE 32 bit version of Mint. (It will look the most like XP once installed.)

Once downloaded,  burn a DVD from the .iso image. Your burning software will have an option to burn an iso image.

Once that’s done, leave the disk in the drive and reboot your computer. Mint will boot up to what’s called a live image, where you can play with Mint, and if you like it, Install Mint on your computer!

If you have enough free  space on your hard drive, you can even, by following the on-screen instructions, have both operating systems. Then you can choose which one you wish to use at boot-up!

Need more software? Then open the Software Manager from the menu. There, you will find tons of free software! Keeping your checkbook? Then install GNU Cash. Most any task you require, you can find free software to do it! The best part, you don’t need to surf the web looking for software, it’s all in there Software Manager!

(Keep in mind, that if you wipe your computer to install Mint, that XP will be gone for good, unless you have your factory original XP disks to reinstall it. We’re not responsible for anything you might lose, so proceed at your own risk!)

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