Drive Imaging

Yesterday, we learned how to do a backup. Today, we’ll learn a different way to preserve your computer data.

Drive imaging is another way to bring your computer back from the dead. Unlike a regular backup, drive imaging can restore not only your personal files, but also your entire operating system as well. After restoring a drive image, your computer will look exactly like it did on the day you did the drive image!

The best way to do a drive image, is to use the Linux distribution called CloneZilla

Simply download the Clonezilla distribution, and do an .iso burn to a blank CD-ROM.

Clonezilla is what is called a LiveCD. You boot your computer using the Clonezilla CD-ROM.

Once booted up, you can then follow the on-screen instructions to make a 1 to 1, bit by bit image of your entire hard drive. If you have a dual boot system on your computer (on a single hard drive) then Clonezilla will restore everything, both operating systems and the Grub boot loader will be be imaged.

Clonezille is a great tool to use if you are upgrading your hard drive, say from a small 80 gig unit, to a larger, say 500 gig drive.

It’s important to note that after you image your drive, files added later will not be there, so it’s important to also do a rebular backup like we discussed yesterday!