Information Organization

We’re often asked by other goat owners, what’s the best software  to keep track of their goat herds.

Goats are great animals to have on a small farm. They are intelligent, curious animals that make wonderful companion animals. Goats are great for clearing brush and weeds from your yard too!

Goats are also difficult animals to keep healthy, requiring different immunizations and procedures on an often monthly basis. Keeping track of all that is essential to their well being!

What do we use here on the farm? A simple spreadsheet!


There are many flavors of office software out there. But why purchase something when you can get it for free! Most LInux distributions come with a comprehensive office suite. We use both Open Office and Libre Office here on the farm.

SImply create a new spreadsheet documet, set up your template on how you want your data displayed, and off you go!