LInux For Gaming

I hear from friends all the time that they would like to try Linux, but they’re gamers and all the games are written for the Windows operating system.

Not so! One of the largest game makers on the planet has embraced the power of Linux and now even has their own Linux distribution to play games on!

The company is called the Valve Corporation, and most popular games are now available on that platform. If you already have Linux on your computer, you can simply install the Steam application, or you can go all out and install the new Steam OS

Obviously, you will want a computer with more resources available when playing games. Multi core processes and a higher quality video card are a must-have for playing games, along with more memory. Your single core computer with 1 gig of ram won’t do it for serious game playing.

From the Steam web site, their suggested minimum system requirements are:

  • Intel or AMD 64-bit capable processor
  • 4GB or more memory
  • 250GB or larger disk
  • NVIDIA, Intel, or AMD graphics card
  • USB port or DVD drive for installation

Once you have your computer built, you can install the Steam OS and start downloading your favorite games! There is even a nice selection of free games for the Steam platform, so you can get started playing without spending a lot of money!