Editing Video

Pro editing of video used to be a very expensive and exclusive club. In my broadcast days, using software costing thousands of dollars per workstation was the norm. Now days however, anyone can produce professional results at home and with modest equipment. All under Linux!

With the proliferation of video sharing sites, and the fact that most of us carry video recorders in our pocket 24/7 now; it’s time to start editing video!

The Linux Software Manager is the first place to start looking for editing software. There, you will find a number of non-linear editing packages.

Today, we’ll focus on what we use, which is Kdenlive


Kdenlive is a traditional non-linear editing package that will allow you to drag and drop any media file into the timeline and begin editing. You can include almost any format of video, plus photos, screen grabs or anything else you wish to add to your video composition.

Kdenlive has a wealth of filters and transitions available to you, so fancy wipes between  scenes, and adding graphics on top of your video is a breeze! Don’t worry about making a mistake either, as multiple layers of undo are available to you at your fingertips.

When the project is done, you can export your video in many popular formats and in all the usual screen sizes. Filters are included for many popular video sharing sites, so you’re sending them exactly the type of video that they expect.

Your standard, or 16:9 pro quality video can then be uploaded to your favorite video sharing site, or burned to a DVD, ready to play on your own TV!