Codecs Everywhere!

There are so many different video standards on the web, it’s amazing any of it works at all! Some of the older video formats, like Windows Media and Quicktime are finally starting to die the death they deserve.

Meanwhile, the Flash video standard is still in heavy use, though it’s often buggy, crashing constantly regardless of the platform its run on. And of course hackers are constantly finding exploits to the flash player, allowing them to take over your computer!

With so many video standards in play, the only way you could play any of them was with a plugin for your web browser. This of course requires a different software package for everything you wish to watch.

Most of us are quite happy to finally see a new video standard for HTML5 finally creeping into use.

So Why do we mention this?

If you upload and download a lot of web video, you’ll want to be able to turn one type of video source into another. Enter the nifty program WinFF


WinFF is a cross-platform GUI (graphical user interface) for the popular command line media converter called FFmpeg.

In Linux, when you go to your Software Manager and select to install the GUI, any other files that it requires will be installed at the same time. That makes it easy!

Once installed, converting almost any video or audio format, into any other format is just a few mouse clicks away!