Password Security

fluffy, fido, 123456, password, ilovemycat: Not good passwords!

You’ve heard it 100 times,and I’m going to say it again. Use a password manager!

Be honest now, how many web sites do you use the exact same user name and password on? If the answer is more than one,  stop doing that!

Password security is important to keep your data, your financial records, etc  from winding up in the wrong hands. The easiest way to accomplish that is with a password manager.

Here on the farm, we use Keepass2, which can be found in your Software Manager.keepass Keepass2 gives you a place to store your user names and passwords in a secure manner. Using Keepass2, you can also generate random passwords to use on sites with ease.

You also have the option to go into the password generator directly and choose your password length, types of characters etc, for the software to use when generating your passwords.generator

Once your passwords are saved in Keepass2, you can then secure the Keepass database with yet another password to prevent snooping!

Keepass2 is available for the Windows operating system as well, so you can read your password database from any OS you might have in the house.

You can let your browser remember your passwords to sites that you frequent of course, but consider using a Master password in your browser to prevent the saved browser passwords from being read.

For a Cloud based system, we recommend LastPass