Linux Can Save Your WIndows Bacon!

Still running WIndows? Well stop it!

Seriously though, if you must run Windows, you should still download and prepare a data recovery and antivirus tool now, just in case.

What has allowed us to restore a number of friends Windows machines after a huge infection is the AVG Data Recovery and Rescue CD, which you can download HERE

After download, do an .iso burn to a blank CD and store the disk away for when you need it.

Just last month, a friend from church brought his father’s computer to me, unable to even boot. After booting the computer with the rescue CD, the Linux powered AVG software found over 4000 virus infections that his software never alerted him to. A couple of hours later, the hard drive was clean. I was able to use the AVG Rescue CD to then repair the Windows registry entry that was causing the virus to reinstall itself at every reboot. Problem solved, computer and data saved, thanks to this great AVG and Linux powered tool!