Why Linux Mint

Last night, we installed Linux Mint on the old XP machine of my next door neighbor. She was tired of seeing all the warnings pop up about how her system was no longer supported.

The difference in speed and response of her computer was the first thing she noticed.  Her Bose Wave Soundlink adapter was easily recognized by Linux, and her Bose Wave radio was belting out tunes from her computer in no time at all.

We’ve been asked why we push Linux Mint. The reason is pretty simple:

For users coming from WIndows XP, who want to get many more years out of their old computer, we suggest Linux Mint. specifically , we suggest the long-term support version of Mint, with the MATE desktop. The MATE desktop behaves the most like Windows XP. We’ve installed that on a number of friends and family machines the past few months, and nobody has had a bit of trouble adapting to the new operating system.

Let’s face it, the majority of computer users do nothing more than read their mail, surf the web and write a document or two. Why should you be forced to purchase a new operating system every few years just to do that!

The MATE desktop is no frills, clean and simple. It does not require 3D rendering graphics or tons of memory to run very well. So back up your data and install Linux Mint. You may just love it!