Two nights ago, we installed Linux on a neighbor’s old XP machine.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint

Having heard nothing from her, and fearing the worst, I called her this morning to see how things were going. Did she have any questions? Problems? Gripes?

The answer did not surprise me at all. She loves her new, old computer! She got wondering where some of her data was, found the search function and found it in just a minute or two. She was quite proud of herself. As well she should be.

My observation: The vast majority of people don’t run operating systems,
they run programs. When the same programs, are available in Linux; switching really is a non issue.

My neighbor already knew how to open a file manager, by double clicking on a desktop folder. She already knew to look for the magnifying glass icon to search for something. She was already running Firefox, and the Linux version has few differences, none of which she had any trouble figuring out on her own.