Mass Renaming

I had an interesting problem crop up recently. A couple of weeks ago, I built an ownCloud server to help me keep my many computers and tablets in sync. But there was a problem.

ownCloud didn’t much like the file names in most of the music that I had purchased on While Linux has no problems dealing with special charecters in a track title, ownCloud had a fit with them. What to do?

Some digging in my Software Manager came up with a great Python script called PyRenamer.

pyrenamer screen shot


Using PyRenamer is pretty simple, once open, you find the file folder that contains the files you wish to rename, then select your renaming properties, like delete all charecters like the comma, or colon, semicolon etc that was giving ownCloud a fit. You can test the change first if you wish, then commit the change when you are ready. I was able to run through dozens of albums in just a few minutes, removing the offending characters.

So open your Software Manager and search for pyrenamer, and enjoy the ease of mass name changes.