Do You UPS?

Power outages are something that can cause real problems with your data. Losing power during a hard drive write can corrupt your data big time. Fix that problem with a uninterpretable power supply or UPS for short.

The UPS can be configured in the dumb mode, where it just turns on during a power failure and provides power for as long as the battery holds out, or smart mode. In smart mode, your UPS will be connected to your computer with a USB cable and will signal the computer to do an orderly shutdown when the power goes out.

Each of our personal computers, along with our household file server, have their own UPS system. Our wireless router and wired switch/firewall also have their own UPS system. In a power failure, all of our systems will stay up and running for a minimum of 30 minutes, and our system that feeds out our live video of our goats will stay up for a full hour.

You don’t have to spend very much money to protect your computer and data. UPS systems can be found for s little as $39, with the sky being the limit. (I used to maintain whole building UPS systems that would keep an entire television station running for at least an hour before the standby generator had to kick in.)

Most of our units are $50 specials we picked up on

The most important thing to do is match your UPS with the load you want to put on it, and how long you expect it to run when the power goes out. Easiest way to calculate that is to use the charts available from the UPS manufacturer. You can also use this handy reference.

So save your computer and data, and spend a few quid!