Breaking Things: ownCloud

A few weeks ago, after Ubuntu One was closed down, I installed an ownCloud server.

Over the weekend, I broke it!

ownCloud web interface

ownCloud web interface

With the server running smoothly, I decided to try a couple of the applications available. The App I chose was Notes.

Not really paying attention, I clicked on the Enable button for the notes, and was greeted about 20 second later with a warning that I had not activated the Application Framework first. Fine, I think, I’ll do that. Too late however, as my ownCloud installation was now broken!

Files were still syncing just fine, but access to the ownCloud web page was no longer working.

Anxious to fix it, rather than dump it all and start over, I started digging around in the /www/owncloud directory for a way to fix it.

Finding that the only file folder that had a creation date different from my original install, was /var/www/owncloud/apps/notes. That makes sense, since that’s what i tried to install after all.

Holding my breath, I sent the notes folder to the trash, the refreshed my browser window. Viola, it works again!

I then went back and clicked the +Apps button in the web interface, and did the install of the Application Framework. Next, Going back to the sever, I then restored the notes folder from the trash. Refreshing my browser again, I now have the notes application up and running!

Playing with additional  applications, I broke the web interface at least 3 more times, but if you do, just delete the offending folder from the apps directory and all will be right with your ownCloud world again.