Python Is Your Friend

Today we learn about Python, a programming language and utility set that can add much functionality to your Linux installation.

Python Programming Language

Python Programming Language

Most Linux distributions include Python, and since we use Linux Mint on the farm, I’ll be basing everything on Mint, an Ubuntu off-shoot.

Python is already included in Ubuntu based Linux distributions, but there is a thing or two you will want to add. The first thing to do is to open a terminal window and install PIP, the Python script installer.

In your terminal, simply type: easy_install pip

Now, you are ready to start installing cool Python scripts. Today’s script is one we use every single day of the year. It’s called Livestreamer.

Livestreamer is a command line application that is used to launch the VLC media player and play just about any web video on your desktop, without using your browser!

To install Livestreamer, in your terminal window type: pip install livestreamer

After it’s installed, the fun begins. Next, in your terminal, you can now invoke Livestreamer with the location of your favorite youtube, liveleak or other video. We watch Jupiter Broadcasting a lot, so here’s an example to watch their live video feed, typed into your terminal:

livestreamer rtmp:// best

Or to watch our goats:

livestreamer best

You can always get help with Livestreamer by typing: livestreamer –help

As time goes by, we’ll highlight other cool tools using Python.