Free and Open Internet – Demand it!

There has been much debate lately about how the Internet operates


in the United States. Poor oversight and worse laws have allowed companies (You know who they are!)  to charge additional fees, and even slow down the traffic of some web content providers.

This is something you should be outraged about. I pay for a fiber optic Internet connection. I expect to get full speed regardless of what site I am viewing. It’s what I pay for. The last thing I think is fair, is for my Internet service provider to slow down my connection to certain services, and then demand extra money from those services for full speed!

Tell your elected officials that you want the Internet to be regulated like the public utility that it is! Would your power company be allowed to send you only half the normal power when you want to run one appliance, but give you full power to run another? Same difference folks!

Demand that the Internet be run without intentional bottlenecks. And for that matter, we should also do away with letting our ISP trace our entire web usage so they can target advertising to us!

Send your open Internet comments right to the FCC at: