ImageWriter: An Easy Way to Try a Different Linux

So you’re finally running a version of Linux. We of course, recommend Linux Mint for first time Linux users. But would you like an easy way to try other Linux flavors? Then open up the ImageWriter software.



To try a different Linux distribution, head over to Distrowatch, and read all the descriptions of what’s available. Once you find something you like, download it to your computer.

Once downloaded, plug a 2 or 4 gig thumb drive into an open USB port, and then launch the ImageWriter tool at: Menu–> Accessories–> ImageWriter

In the left drop down menu, select your download .iso file from your Download directory, and in the right drop down menu, select your thumb drive.

Next, click on the Write to Device button and let your computer do its thing!

Once written, you can reboot your computer, and boot directly to the thumb drive. On most modern machines, pressing the F8 or F12 key while the computer boots will allow you to select the boot device. In this case, your thumb drive.

Once booted, you can play with the new distribution, explore the menus, play with the settings etc. If you like it, you can even install the new operating system directly from the thumb drive. (But of course, you’ll want to have backed up first!)