The Best Linux Twitter Client: Choqok

There are a few Twitter clients out there for Linux, and I’ve tried every

Twitter Client


single one of them! Quite some time ago however, I discovered a wonderful software package called Choqok (It means sparrow in ancient Persian!)

Twitter threw a huge monkey wrench into everyone’s Twitter client about a year ago when they changed their API (all purpose interface) which required a complete rewrite of all the software that used it!

Many Twitter clients died at that point, but Choqok kept up with the changes and the result is a wonderful piece of software, that can support multiple Twitter user names,  Besides twitter, it works with several other messaging systems.

Installation is easy in Linux, just navigate to your Software Manager and search for Choqok.

Once installed, the user interface is quite intuitive, just click on Settings and then select Configure Choqok to set up your desired configuration and Accounts.

Choqok Configuration

Choqok Configuration

I manage  5 Twitter accounts with Choqok, and it really makes it easy to keep up with your life on Twitter!

There are several plugins included in Choqok, my most used, being the message filter. The filter allows you to select users, or keywords that you wish to hide. Useful if you don’t want to stop following someone, but want to cut down on the noise.

Of note, Choqok is written for the KDE desktop, so when you install in in an Ubuntu distribution like Linux Mint, it will need to also install the KDE dependencies it will require to run. Most important of these is the KDE wallet, to store your passwords in.