Fixing Things: Linux Install

Saturday, we had a power failure. Not uncommon in Florida in the summer, which is why most of my computers each have an

Lineman repairing our power feed

Lineman repairing our power feed

uninterruptible power supply on them.

My bedside machine however does not, so after the power was restored, I turned my machine back on like always and continued on with other chores. However, a few hours later, while in another building on the farm, and wanting a file from my bedside computer, I could connect, but got a file permission error when I tried to access it. So I went in my bedroom, and opened my Caja file browser, but it wouldn’t open. Neither would mail, or any other application.

Figuring at this point that I had some damage to the hard drive caused by the power failure, I did a reboot. During the boot sequence, Linux announced that it was finding errors on the hard drive. Using the Fix Errors choice presented to me after Linux noticed the problem, the computer spent the next twenty minutes tidying things up on the drive. Linux then rebooted itself, and all was right with the world!

Lessons learned? First, I finally got around to ordering a UPS for that computer. Second, Linux is always aware of itself, and is able to fix most problems if you pay attention to the screen prompts!