Linux Mint 17 – Part 2

After our first success, it was time to upgrade the next computer. The machine I use in my bedroom, runs Mint, as well as Windows 2000, required for a very expensive CNC machine that I also use it for.

Linux Mint 17 -

Linux Mint 17 –

Not having, or needing a CD/DVD drive in this computer, I did the install from a USB thumb drive. All was going well until the thumb drive started throwing read errors 1/2 way through the install.

The read errors caused the installer to abort. with a 500 gig drive half formated and now dead.

A run to the local grocery store, and a couple of 2 gig thumb drives purchased, I started the process over.

After booting to the thumb drive, I was able to use GParted to do a repartition and format of the target drive, and then install Mint with no further problems.

A couple of irritations remain however:

I use VNC from machine to machine on an almost constant basis. Installing my favorite VNC client, Remmina, finds that it only supported SSH out of the box. You need to then further install the VNC plugin for it to work with the VNC protocol.

Next, my lone Windows 7 computer using TightVNC, can no longer connect to any of my Mint 17 machines. I get an error that TightVNC doesn’t support the Vino server security protocol anymore.

I found a quick fix for the VNC from Windows problem, it’s not ideal, as it involves turning off encryption on the Linux Vino server. This will have to do until Windows VNC clients catch up with current security protocols.

You can do this with the Terminal command:

gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false

The last problem I had, was then when I did the restore from backup, several of the folders that I restored did not revert to the proper permissions. This required changing them manually using Sudo.