Why I Almost Went Back to Mint 13

I love Mint 17, I really do, but there is a problem that was bad enough to almost force me to reinstall Mint 13 in place of 17.

One of the primary things I use my bedroom computer for, is dubbing off thousands of old reel to reel audio tapes in my collection. Most of the tapes are old air checks from my radio days, as well as commercials I did, and special programs that I was a part of.

The tool I use for that is Audacity. Under Ubuntu 14.04, Audacity has removed the ability to interface it with ffmpeg. I use ffmpeg extensively in my recording process. Poking around the Ubuntu forums, I found that I could get that functionality back if I recompiled Audacity myself, including the libraries for an older version of ffmpeg.

So, I went through the listed steps, and indeed, I could now use Audacity with ffmpeg, but when I would import anything, the audio quality was complete crap, and then Audacity would freeze. Yes I used the proper codec settings, the same ones I have always used, but nothing would import.

Taking a deep breath, and not really being up to the task of reinstalling Mint 13, I uninstalled my version of Audacity, reinstalled the package from the repositories, and am now using an external ffmpeg GUI called WinFF. It means an extra step, but at least it works.

Audacity is aware of the problem, and are planning to repair it, I just hope it’s soon!