This Never Happens With Linux

I’ve mentioned before, we have but one, lone Windows 7 computer in our collection of 11 machines here on the farm.

Yesterday, I dutifully allowed an update of the Adobe Flash software. Now I am very careful about what I click on, and what is being installed on my machines. So imagine my outrage when the updater starts installing an unwanted piece of software along with the Flash update!

There was no way to stop the install of what is commonly called bloatware or crapware. Adobe was, without my permission, installing a McAffee product on my computer.

Of course, as soon as the software was installed, I went right to the control panel and uninstalled it.

Adobe is not the only player in this deceptive game. When Java is updating, it always tries to install bloatware as well. The only difference is that at least you can click a box to refuse it!

Crap like this is one of the main reasons my family stays far away from Microsoft products.