Cell Phones, On The Cheap!

After I retired, I found that paying $90+ per month was a complete waste of money, so I canceled my cell contact and started looking for something else.

That something else, based on my very low cell phone use, was a Motorola Razer flip phone, on the Tracfone network.

I stayed with that antique phone for 8 years, and it served me very well, but it was time to get an Android!

I had set my price point to get an Android phone at $100. I figured if I waited long enough, that would come to be possible, and it was. Last October, I took the plunge into Android when I found an Android phone on sale at Walmart for $99, that worked with the Tracfone system!

The phone is a Huawe, running Android 4.04. With the addition of a 32 gig micro sd card from Amazon, this phone does everything I’d ever want in an Android phone. Yes it’s a cheap, Chinese import, but it works great!

My most used application, is the Remote Launcher software, that is a handy remote control to their companion server software. The server software can be programmed to do or run amost anything. In my case, I use Remote Launcher as a remote control for my 6 cameras in the goat pen.

I make only about 30 minutes of calls a month, and rarely if ever use the data part of my plan. 99% of my phone use is on my own local wifi.

My total for using this Android phone is only $80 per year on Tracfone. Needless to say, this makes me very happy!

If you use considerably more phone time, then I’d recommend Ting.com for your phone. No contracts, and works on any phone that will work on the Sprint network. If you want to get a phone through Ting, then go to las.ting.com for money off your first device purchase or service.