Disk Tools: Disks

There is a handy disk management tool in Mint 17, and available in most repositories called simply, Disks

Though I’m mostly a fan of GParted for disk management, the Disks utility has a nice feature that I found quite useful over the weekend.

My primary computer, is on a custom built stand on wheels, that has a monitor that will swing over my bed where I spend most of time. That computer has two hard drives in it. The first, is a small, 10 gig drive that is formatted with NTFS and runs Windows 2000. I use that installation to run my CNC plasma cutter when I need to custom cut steel for a project here on the farm.

The second drive, is a 1 tb drive that contains my Mint 17 installation.

The 10 gig drive is over a decade old, and runs very expensive, custom software and settings that I would not want to struggle to reinstall from scratch. The best way to protect myself in case the drive fails, is to have an image of it!

Disks Utility

Disks Utility

Using the Disks utility, I was able to do a perfect snapshot of my Windows drive, saved to a file on my Linux drive. If the worst should happen, I’m covered!