Fun Programs: Gnome Predict

One of our favorite pass times here on the farm, is amateur radio. When I can get some extra time between taking care of our farm and family, I spend it on the radio. One of the things amateur radio operators like to do is talk to each other using the many amateur radio satellites in orbit. I even got to talk with the International Space Station several years ago. What was a kick!

The thing about using satellites, is you  need to know where they are to use them. The best Linux software to do that is called Gnome Predict.

Head over to your Software Manager and search for gpredict, install it and then launch it from the menu.

Gnome Predict

Gnome Predict

After the software is installed, head over to the Preferences menu and set up your location in the software. This will allow the software to show you, as in the example above, when a satellite will be in range for you to communicate with it.

Not an amateur radio operator? No problem, it is way cool to plot when the International Space Station is going to be going over your house. If you can catch it when the sun is behind you, you can watch the ISS streak by, in the night sky!