Tools: Killing a process

Every now and then, when a program you are running freezes up, you can open the System Monitor, highlight the offending program and kill it. This works most of the time, however, have you ever had a program freeze up so bad that you couldn’t even open the System Monitor?

Such was the case with Firefox, or more precisely, to the stupid Adobe Flash plug-in that was running inside of Firefox.

Flash was eating 100% of my processor power, and trying to launch the System Monitor or anything else was impossible. The solution to this dilemma is pretty easy though:

Open a Terminal window, and use the killall command!

In this case, typing:  killall firefox was able to close Firefox and bring my computer back to normal.

As with all command line programs, you can learn the basic commands of killall by simply typing: killall –help as show below.

Killall process killer

Killall process killer

So before you find yourself pressing that reset button on your CPU, try killall!