Complaint: @ownCloud 7 Calendar

After running ownCloud 7, we have just a single complaint.

The consensus here on the farm, is that the original ownCloud calendar application displayed much better. The new calendar devotes way too much space to the calendar listing, that was previously a much more logical button. This leaves less space to actually view the calendar itself. For those of us on low resolution monitors, it’s just not practical. Please give us an option to collapse the left side menu, or to use the old calendar format.

ownCloud Calendar Application

ownCloud Calendar Application

Everything else about ownCloud 7, we just love!

After spending about 2 hours playing with the old, ownCloud 6 calendar template, style sheet, and javascript; I was able to actually get exactly what I’d like to see. Everything works except the settings. As I’m not a programmer, this was just an experiment as a proof of concept to see if it was possible.

Calendar, what we'd like to see!

Calendar, what we’d like to see!

Again, ownCloud rocks! The sharing between servers works great and we’re happy with all the other changes. Just give us the old calendar back please!