Frogs Looking For IT Work

At 5:30am this morning, I’m awakened by my bedside computer that one of my servers was off-line. The server, an embedded system controller that is used to control my video routing switcher for my goat website.

Dragging myself out of bed, I get dressed and go out in the rain to my office, which is a stand alone building next to my barn.

Opening the door and switching on the light, I am greeted by a huge, green tree frog. The frog has managed to unplug the Cat5 cable from the controller and was now happily hanging from the now dangling cable. How on earth he managed that I don’t know!

I shooed the frog away from the controller and plugged the now slimy cable back into the controller and managed to snap a photo of the frog where it ended up a moment later, on a video distribution amp.

Frog in the office

Frog in the office

You just never know what might give you a networking headache!