Security: Don’t Click On That!

I’ve been saying it for years to all who will listen. If something on the web seems too good to be true, it probably is!

In the latest hacking scandal, private photos of several celebrities were taken from their cloud accounts and shared on line.   People hear about it on the news and then go searching for them to see for themselves.

In New Zealand, people searching out the leaked photos, found them alright, along with malware and virus infections to their machines. Those in turn created a bot-net that was carrying out  denial of service attacks. This in turn overloaded the DNS of and took down one of New Zealand’s largest Internet service providers! You can read the story HERE.

Folks, it’s pretty easy to stay safe on the web. Don’t click on links sent via email, and never, ever, go searching for things that you would not search for if your grandmother was standing over  you, watching what you are doing!

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