Breaking Things: FFMPG

There have been a bunch of updates to Mint 17 lately, and I always dutifully apply them as they become available.

In one of the last updates however, a couple of things changed that I didn’t really  realize until I went to use the software that was  deleted during the updates.

My ClamTK and ClamAV antivirus package and GUI went away. Turns out I was using a legacy version. Simple enough to fix, just went to the ClamTK site and got the updated version.

The other interesting package that went away was ffmpeg. I’ve been using that wonderful tool for years and years. It was for a long time, the only way to convert about any media type, to about any other kind of media.

Thing is, it’s deprecated. and I just wasn’t paying attention when it happened. Of course there is a replacement, and it’s already part of Mint 17. It’s called avconv and it lives in the /usr/bin/ directory.

WinFF Setup

WinFF Setup

All that I needed to do for the software that I had using ffmpeg, was to change the conversion engine to avconv instead.

The lesson learned: As you do updates, it’s a good idea to actually read the information pop-ups that are telling you what is going to be updated, deleted etc. I usually do, but these changes got right past me.