Rant Wednesday: No Cookies For You!

Run a web site that blocks users who turn off cookies and java? How about rethinking your crappy, backwards attitude!

No, my little Linux blog is not going to change the world, though in this case, I wish it could…

If you take your security and privacy seriously, like me, you probably disable cookies and javascript in your web browser..

Tracking Cookies

We all know that web sites need to make money to stay in business. and we get that. Most commercial sites will use one of the many advertising companies like Google Adsense etc. to serve up advertising on their site. They do this by using cookies, little bits of text that will stay on your computer and tells them all kinds of things about you. Some of the data may include the last time you visited, your comment user name, what advertising you saw or clicked on etc.  Worse, they can be used to track you as you go from site to site in the same ad network.

Are mainstream sites like the news site below using cookies for evil?  No, but I deserve some privacy from your intrusive tracking!

Yes, we get it, we need to enable cookies if we want to participate, comment etc. But for those finding your site through a link from a news aggregator  and just want to read the story quick and move on, you are doing us all a disservice.

No cookies, no view our site!

No cookies? Go Away!


Javascript, can be misused to serve up virus and malware packages to your machine. This in turn can be used to turn your computer into a spam sending email server, botnet client, or even steal your personal financial information!

Yes, if you turn off javascript, many web sites will break. I get that. Javascript is a powerful way to do some really neat things in a web browser. The site below, actually displayes just fine, until their server notices that you have javascript turned off. They then forward you to a nag screen to complain!

No Javascript? Go away!

No Javascript? Go away!

But darn it web developers, completely blocking my access to your site because I have cookies turned off or javascript turned off is just short-sighted and dumb.  Web users are getting smarter about their privacy and safety on the web.

For many sites, it’s pretty easy to get around the no javascript complaint on their site by actually deleting the node that is sending the javascript warning. While that works much of the time, it doesn’t always.

Do we use cookies and javascript in our 7 sites? Sure we do, but all of them can be used without either!

To those sites who don’t play these stupid games, we thank you.

For sites that choose to block those of us who want a little privacy and security,  we’ll take our web surfing elsewhere until you grow up.