Educational Software: Learn Code With Xcwcp

There is a skill that amateur radio operators take for granted, that can be very handy for anyone. That skill is a basic knowledge of the Morse Code!

The development of Morse Code is an interesting read, and you can learn more about the history of it HERE

While you may think it silly, knowing Morse, could actually save your life! There have been regular cases of coma patients, close to being unplugged, who have communicated with Morse and were eventually saved. My family has been told over and over, if I can move anything, I’ll be sending Morse, so don’t unplug me!

Trapped in an overturned car? Buried in the rubble after a hurricane or tornado? Injury may prevent you from crying out, but even just tapping out and SOS *(dit dit dit – dah dah dah – dit dit dit)  might save your life.

To that end, there is a great Linux program called Xcwcp that’s available in your Package Manager.

XCWCP Morse Code Tutor

XCWCP Morse Code Tutor

After you install the software, it might not create a menu shortcut, but you can do this yourself by adding it to your main Linux menu. Or, you can simply open a terminal and type xcwcp and it will launch.

When I am teaching Morse Code to groups for amateur radio uses, I train at 15 words per minute. For those just wishing to learn the code for emergency purposes, set the tutor at 5 words per minute, and start learning the alphabet! Those of us who use Morse Code daily,  no longer hear each letter, but instead decipher entire words at a time. This lets us use Morse at much higher speeds. 30 to 40 words per minute are what I usually use when on the radio.

Watch the  fun youtube clip below, a race between Morse Code and text messaging, then go starting learning your code!

Indiana University classmates have a race in sending a text message and sending a Morse code message. PaulKennyReports