Breaking Things: ownCloud, What Did You Do?!

So I have ownCloud 7 running on an Ubuntu server, and the latest sync client on my computer. All has been running without any issues at all.

I’m sitting at my desk with one of my synced folders open, when 2.9 gigs of  folders and files suddenly start just disappearing!  I did not do a file delete or a move to trash, just had the folder open.

I have 5 different folders syncing, and the other 4 were having no issues what so ever.

Checking server logs and ownCloud activity logs showed the files being deleted, but why were they?

A couple of hours searching the ownCloud forums and github, I found people reporting the same problem, but no solutions!

First thing I did after the files all went away, was restore from an external, fortunately current backup. That worked. For about an hour, then all the files vanished again!

Thinking I had a bad hard drive  on my local computer causing the problem, I turned off the ownCloud server and restored my 2.9 gigs of data yet again. This time, the files stayed where I put them and everything was happy. Until I fired the server back up. Within 10 minutes, my files were all gone again.

Of note, the files never showed up in the deleted files section on the ownCloud server like they should.

Next step, was to remove the offending folder from the ownCloud sync client, and restore the files once again from backup.

Next I renamed the parent folder to something new, and then created a new sync for that folder in the ownCloud client.

ownCloud Client

ownCloud Client

That solved the problem.

Now if someone could tell me why it happened in the first place!