New Tools For My Lone WIndows Box

We only have one Windows computer on the farm. It’s used to stream our goat channel to ustream and youtube. In an effort to make life a little bit easier for ourselves, I’ve installed a new tool  called AutoHotkey.

When you watch television, you will notice at the top of the hour, a small graphic in the lower left corner of your screen. The ABC television network puts up a little ABC in a circle, CBS has their CBS Eyeball, and etc. This little graphic is called a Bug.

We use a small logo for our bug. and have been putting it in and out manually the last 5 years. With AutoHotkey and some clever scripting, it’s now inserted automatically at the top and bottom of the hour!

I’m also using AutoHotkey to change to a specific camera, and insert a custom graphic when I’m giving the goats their morning and afternoon cookies. I can fire off the script right from my Android cell phone!

So if you’re running Windows, and want some automation for about any task, give AutoHotkey a try!