Audacity: Problem Solved

Probably the best audio editing suite on the planet is Audacity. Indeed, there was a time when I was spending thousands of dollars on audio editing software for radio and  television stations,  that can’t hold a candle to Audacity!

That said,  I and many other people have found a problem with the import function, whereby the imported audio will play very fast, choppy and then freeze up the program. I wrote about it in an earlier blog post.  Being so busy here on the farm, it was only recently that I was able to actually research what was causing it.

After trying several fixes, one presented itself that I will now pass on to anyone else having the same problem. Nice thing is, it’s simple!

The problem Audacity was having was with the Linux Pulse Audio driver. The workaround, is to add a string to your launcher for Audacity.  To do this, Right Click on your menu item or panel button and select Properties:

Launcher Properties

Launcher Properties

In the Command box, you want to replace what is there, with the following:

env PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30 audacity %F

Adding the latency of 30 milliseconds helps correct the error. To be clear, the problem is not with Audacity, but with the often  hated, universally maligned Pulse Audio.