Wine Help: No Solution Found Yet

OK, here’s a problem I’ve been trying to fix for months. Searching forums, documents, the net in general, and I can’t find the solution.

Maybe you know?

I am trying to find a way to lock down WINE so that my adult autistic son can run the  programs I want him to run, but prevent him from installing anything else!

My son is quite clever, and will do things like try and find a DVD ripping tool (He has Handbrake, and it works just fine) and by searching the net, will install every single one of them that he can find!

Don’t even get me started at how many  software websites and mirrors I’ve had to block in my router. It helps, but is not a good long term solution.

I checked out his laptop today and found over 40 different windows programs, most of which won’t run, but they are cluttering up his laptop and he gets upset when he catches me cleaning them off.

Really all he needs to run is MSPaint. I need to prevent WINE from allowing any other installs.

His machine is locked down Linux wise, he only has user access to it, and I do all the updates and Linux software installs using SSH.

I tried without success, changing the permissions on the Program Files directory. He just installs it somewhere else.

So how can I prevent WINE from installing anything else?