Sleep Better With F.Lux

If you compute from the bedroom, all that bright light from your monitor, tablet,  or phone could be disrupting your sleep!

I had installed the command line version of this wonderful piece of software years ago, but lost it over many new distros, forgetting about it entirely. I stumbled upon it again over the weekend.

The software is called f.lux, and what it does is adjust your computer monitor’s color temperature to what the current outdoor lighting is. The idea, is to help improve your sleep at night by removing the blue spectrum from your monitor, at the same rate that the sun goes down outside.

You’ll need to add a new repository, and then install the software from the command line. Just type the following commands in a terminal, one at a time:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kilian/f.lux
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fluxgui

Once installed, launch the f.lux indicator applet from your Menu

Setup is simple, just enter your zip code, if in the USA, or your Latitude, and the magic will start to happen.

f.lux setup screen

f.lux setup screen

Once done, click the Close button. Your monitor will then, slowly cycle to a color temperature to match your local outside lighting conditions.

While the change will look drastic the first time you start the software;  because it happens very slowly, your eyes will adjust easily to the change as it works day to day.

f.lux is available for Linux, Windows,  IOS, and of course Android.