Weird: Install Chrome, Lose Applets

If you’ve been following along, you probably know that I take care of several web sites.

Over the weekend, I had a viewer tell me that one of my sites no longer worked from the Google Chrome browser.

Nothing serious, just an HTML drop-down menu that I’d been using. The menu was using the simple <select> tag and was fast and responsive:

It has been working for years, and indeed still does with every other browser on the planet except Chrome.

Needing to test what was going on, and make sure that any new menu I came up with would work with Chrome. I installed it  on one of my Mint 17.1 machines.

Going to the Chrome site, I downloaded the package for my version of Linux and installed it. The install seemed fine, and I was able to use Chrome to test a new menu system (this time using javascript) and all was well.

Until, I went to set my wake-up alarm, and found it gone!

Turns out the Chrome install, removed not only my most useful tool, the Alarm-Clock applet, but it also removed the f.lux software I wrote about just a couple of days ago.

So fine, I went to reinstall the Alarm-Clock, and the first thing that pops up, says that it will force the removal of Google Chrome!

Why this needs to happen? Hard to tell, though likely a conflict between the packages. Not really liking Chrome anyway, I had no real reason to figure it out.

The problem did further set in  stone, my complete dislike for Chrome, and love of Firefox!