Tools: Color Bandwidth Monitor

We’ve mentioned a few networking tools in the past, and today we’ll look at really handy one.

The tool is called The Color Bandwidth Monitor and it is a very small, Terminal program that will give you a quick graphical output of your network throughput.

Head over to your Package Manager, and search for CBM:

Package Manager showing CBM

Package Manager showing CBM

Of course, if you wish, you can also install it from a Terminal window by simply typing:

sudo apt-get install cbm

Once installed, simply open a new Terminal window, and type: cbm

which will then fire up a terminal based GUI, showing what’s going on with your network adapters.

Color Bandwidth Monitor

Color Bandwidth Monitor

The real power of this utility for me, is that because it runs inside the terminal window; you can use it on a remote machine, by logging in with ssh.

Once logged in, you can first install it if you need to, and then see what’s happening with that machines network adapters.