Software: Encoding For Roku With Handbrake

Back at Christmas, one of my regular viewers of our Goats Live,  live stream, very kindly sent us a GoPro video camera.

We’ve been enjoying it much, adding many quality videos to our web site. The next step though, was to start adding video to our private Roku channel, GoatsLive

Having previously uploaded  standard definition videos to  Roku  with no problems,  I expected the same with High definition video. That was not to be the case however.

My first attempt  gave me nice crisp audio, but no video displayed. So did attempts 2 through 58! Everything I uploaded, no matter what  settings I used, would only play the audio, but not the video.

Yes I did searches for video encoder settings for Roku, and I bookmarked 20+ sites, all giving similar information, but nothing worked.

I did know that the Roku wanted h264 video in an mp4 or mov container, but nothing worked!

My video editing software’s h264 just wasn’t cutting it.

Enter Handbrake. Not only will this software decode / rip a DVD movie to your hard drive, but more important to me, it also has the ability to encode any ffmpeg compatible video source.

Handbrake Transcoder

Handbrake Transcoder

I spent 2 solid days, uploading video after video to my server and attempting to play them on my Roku. After much experimenting, I was able to get a nice balance between video quality and file size.

Once the codec is  set and working, you can use the RF slider shown in the screen grab above, to then decide the quality of your video. In our example, we use a quality number of 30. We did try several of course, before we got the quality vs. file size in harmony.

My many net searches about encoding for Roku were good guidelines, but what I really wanted is someone’s exported configuration file!

Since that was not to be found, I had to figure it out for myself.

Hoping to help the next guy, I’m going to post my configuration file for Handbrake.

Handbrake Roku Configuration File: Download

Once saved to your hard drive, you can import this configuration file into your Handbrake presets, and start encoding.

Roku is a powerful tool for us to advertise our web site. I hope  if you want to build a Roku channel, that this info will help save you some time and energy!