Software: When Updates Fail

I was planning on using today’s post to show how easy it was to upgrade my ownCloud server from version 7, to version 8.

We love ownCloud here on the farm, and rely on it constantly for many tasks. Having a farm-wide, unified calendar, shopping lists, instant photo uploads from our phones and more, make it a valuable tool.

So when ownCloud server version 8 was released, we were anxious to get the latest and greatest running!

Finding the update available in my Package Manager, I did the normal routine of turning off 3rd party plugins, backing everything up, both the www directory and database files, and then attempting to run the update.

Oh good, the update is available!

Oh good, the update is available!

When I clicked to upgrade to ownCloud 8 however, I was presented with the following:

Errors everywhere

Errors everywhere

My previous updates between major versions had never given me any problem, but this update sure did!

Heading over to the ownCloud Forums and doing some digging, I found this lengthy post about some known issues when upgrading.

There is an entire forum devoted to the new server version, and it can be found HERE

And after reading some of the many issues, I guess I’ll wait until all the bugs are ironed out before I risk what could be a disaster if the update goes wrong.