Buying New Computer? Another Reason To Install Linux Instead!

An interesting story broke this week about Lenovo and some of their currently selling laptop computers. In a nut shell, those computers are being sold with a feature, that serves up advertising to your web browser.

The problem is that the software, called Superfish, might make man in the middle attacks possible against your computer!

Why a computer manufacturer would risk their reputation by allowing this kind of software to be installed, I’ll never understand.

I’ll let you read the full article from our friends over at ARS Technica

With manufacturers inclined to put programs like this on our new machines, why would you want to keep it? I am constantly getting requests from friends who purchase a new computer, and want to get rid of all the garbage programs removed from it. We call these unwanted programs, Crapwear.

Save yourself the pain, and once your new machine comes in, I can’t recommend enough that you wipe the hard drive and reinstall a fresh copy of your operating system. If your machine didn’t come with disks, it is possible under some circumstances to download the Windows 7 or 8 operating systems directly from Microsoft and do a fresh install,

Or even better, Download and install Linux! We of course recommend Linux Mint.