Dumping Flash – Bravo To Firefox!

Having lots of time just laying in bed the last month, I’ve used that time to rewrite my 7 web sites to get rid of Flash.

Probably the most hated piece of software on the planet, having major browsers finally block Flash is a huge step to making it all go away. With the new HTML5 video standards so well supported, I found it time to dump all my Flash content.

Fortunately, I don’t use any Flash elements in my web pages themselves, and I really hope that companies remove that type of content. What I do have over my many sites, are tons of video clips.

Using Handbrake I was able to convert about 150 Flash videos over to .mp4,, which will play natively in any modern browser. Of course converting and reuploading all the videos was the easy part. The most time was spent changing all the web pages themselves to remove the Flash commands and  replacing them with the video tag as shown here:

<video width=”900″ height=”506″ controls>
<source src=”movie56.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″>
Your browser does not support the video tag.

That’s how easy it is to embed a video in a web page now!

Video, tells the browser a movie is on the way. Of course the width and height tell the browser what size to display it, and controls, tells the browser to turn on the playback and volume controls. Next, you define the source and type of video to expect. In my case, mp4.

For a full list of available options with the Video tag: CLICK HERE

Some web sites like Amazon, use Flash for web site display elements, but thankfully, not having Flash turned on, the site still functions just fine. Other sites, if Flash is off, forget even displaying it all all. Fine, I’ll skip that site until they rewrite it!

So my advice, keep Flash turned off, and tell sites you don’t want it any more!