Terminal Tools: Midnight Commander File Manager

As I’ve always said, I prefer to do things from the terminal when I can. When taking care of my many computers, it’s handy to have a file manager that will work over an SSH connection. Enter Midnight Commander.

Midnight Commander is a text based file manager, that is very powerful and simple to use.  I’d found it a few months ago, when I was trying to easily find some media files on my son’s computer, without him knowing I was poking around. This of course meant I couldn’t use VNC.

To install Midnight Commander, simply open a terminal and type the following:

sudo apt-get install mc

Of course, if you have connected to a remote computer, you can do the install on that remote machine with the same command.

Once installed, running Midnight Commander is as simple as opening a terminal, either locally or remotely and typing: mc

Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander includes an internal editor with syntax highlighting and an internal viewer with support for binary files!