Sometimes The Solution Is Right In Front Of You!

Printing a PDF file. Who knew it could be such a pain!

A few times over the last couple of years, I’ve needed to print a shipping label with a UPS or Fedex bar code on it.

My normal routine would be to open the label that was sent me, usually from or other online retailer, using the document viewer that’s built in to LInux Mint.


Document Viewer

Document Viewer

Every time I tried to print from the Document Viewer, using my Canon laser printer, it would print out a huge blob of black where the bar code should be.

I tried many times over the last couple of years to figure out why this was happening. The document always looked fine in the print preview screen, but would print out, a mess! I tried tons of settings on the printer, in Linux and everywhere else I could think of, with no luck.

Then yesterday, needing to print an Amazon return label, I drug the .pdf file into my Firefox web browser. Of course Firefox is able to open these and many other file formats. Holding my breath, I pushed print, and then headed in to my wife’s office where the networked printer lives. Viola! The label printed perfectly.

Moral, why did I try so hard to fix Document Viewer, when Firefox would print it out just fine!