Android UPNP Player For Kodi Media Server

After getting my Kodi media server up and running a few weeks ago, I turned to the Google Play store to find an application that would let me view media from my server, on my Android phones and tablets here on the farm.

I tried them all, but only found one that met my most important criteria for an Android application: No Permissions!

It drives me crazy to install an application, only to find out that it needs access to my phone number, contact list, all of my photos and media on the devices itself and other stuff they have no business accessing.

Yes, a UPNP client needs to access my WiFi, but that’s all it needs!

Thank you UPNP Browser:

UPNP Browser

UPNP Browser Logo

Once installed, UPNP Browser, quickly found my media server, connected to it, and listed all of my media available for play. You can use the program as a remote control for your Kodi, or to directly watch your media, on your phone or tablet.

A big thank you to the developer of this great App, RandomCoder Creations for building a piece of software that works, works well, and doesn’t snoop or serve advertising to my phone!