Upgrading My Old Raspberry Pi Kodi To A Pi Model 2

My  Kodi has been working quite well since I got it up and running on a 3 year old Pi a couple of months ago. Little things were bugging me though, when using the web interface,

With a movie running, pressing Stop in the web interface, took a couple of seconds to stop the stream, and then I would lose my connection between my desktop and the Kodi box. Also, only two people could stream at the same time, say one on the main TV and another watching on a phone. The third person trying to watch, would pretty much kill it.

No problem though, as Pi’s are so cheap, I replaced my B+ with a newer Model 2 with 1 gig or RAM an 4 processors.

Upgrading is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Backup current Kodi using the OpenELEC settings menu
  2. Install the OpenELEC built for the Raspberry Pi 2 on a new microSD
  3. Boot up the new machine, and do a restore!

It was not a surprise that the backup took about 15 minutes on the old Kodi, but once I had the new one set up just right; backing up the Pi 2 only took about ~60 seconds!!

Any issues I’d had with my first generation Pi, are gone with the new one. With the Pi 3 just being released, I may even upgrade yet again in a couple of months.

The old model B+ Pi will not go to waste however, as my next project is some automation for my goat web cam!