Fix Weather After Updating To Mint 18.1

If like me, you installed the patch found in the Mint forums to bring your weather back after was shut down; upon updating to Mint 18.1 you may find that weather is now gone!

This is very easy to fix, so don’t panic!

First thing to do is open the preferences for your weather, found on the task bar. This same widget gives you your time and date.

Weather Preferences

Weather Preferences

Delete any cities you have saved, so there is nothing in the above box. Then close it.

Next, open the Package Manager from the main menu, and once open, do a search for “libmateweather” *(without the quotes)

Once the search is done, there should be 4 selections available.Only two will display a green dot, showing that they are installed.

Reinstall Dialog

Reinstall Dialog

Select the two files, highlight them both, or one at a time is fine, and then select Mark For Reinstall and then Apply the request in the top menu.

Now, reboot your computer.

Finally, go back to the Time and Date preferences, and install your desired cities again. Make sure you select one of them as your default city, as this is not automatic.

Done, you now should have your temperature and weather once again!