Greetings from the  farm,

Some background

I’m a retired  engineer and sysadmin from long before the internet. (Oh the joy of running a Novell network!) My wife and I ran a popular multi-line BBS back in the mid 80s to mid 90s, first on RBBS and later on the Fido network.

I spent most of my career in commercial broadcasting, designing, building, and maintaining TV and radio stations for ABC, NBC, CBS and UPN affiliates. My wife and I are also active in amateur radio.

Having Multiple Sclerosis, I spend a lot of time in bed, and I use that time to administer several web sites. Some are quite popular, others not, but I use them all to keep my old brain active.

When I’m up and around, I care for a wife of over 30 years, an autistic adult son, 2 goats, 10 chickens, and 5 ducks here on the farm.

What we’re about

On these pages, I will talk about, and give hints and tricks for the Linux operating system. I’m not a journalist, I’m not a writer, just a normal old retired engineer who has been running Linux for 20+ years.

I’ll be trying to keep things simple, not using jargon that only us Linux geeks would understand. You won’t learn how to compile kernels or build packages from source code here. Just the basics, for first time Linux users.

New posts have been sporatic lately, at we keep busy here on our little  goat farm. Mostly now days, I’ll post when something interesting comes up or I find a new program everyone may enjoy.

There are many Linux web sites and blogs out there. Yes this is just another one, but the more we advertise the joy of the Linux OS, the more people will use it!

We’ve been running Linux in our family since the first Red Hat distribution was sold in stores, on floppy disks. Sick of the Blue Screen of Death that Windows was so fond of throwing out, we wanted something better!

Now days, we have 15 computers on the farm running Linux Mint with an 16th running Windows 7, plus 3 Android tablets, and an Android phone.  When XSplit comes out with a Linux version, the Windows machine will die!

We don’t allow comments, as all we ever got were Viagra ads and other spam, but I’m always monitoring my twitter feed!

Terms of Use

I do my best to make sure that the information provided is accurate, and I personally test and use every software package recommended in these pages. However, please use any information you find here at your own risk!