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Fun: A Canada Haste Grew Lip Worm Try

Or to translate: Create Anagrams With Wordplay

There is a very old Linux Terminal program that is just plain fun to play with. It’s called Wordplay, and was written way back in 1991, and the last update was in 1996.

What Wordplay does is take any input string, and automatically create all the possible anagrams that it can.

Start by heading over to your Package Manager, and searching for and then installing Wordplay:

Package Manager installing Wordplay

Package Manager installing Wordplay

Next,  open a Terminal window and simply type: wordplay

This will give you a listing of the variables available when running the program. Take note that a when inputting a complete sentence like I did above, that tens of thousands of results are possible. They will over-flow the memory buffer of your Terminal program. This will end up only displaying the last several hundred.

The easy way to solve this problem is to pipe the results to a text file, as shown in this example:

Running Wordplay in Terminal

Running Wordplay in Terminal

If things get out of hand,  you can always type a [CTL]+C to stop the program execution.

A snippet of my text editor, showing close to half a million output choices before I stopped it running!

Wordplay output

Wordplay output

Yes, you can limit the results in the configuration when you run the program though!



Software: Speaking Of Old Games, Visit

After getting a favorite old game running yesterday, I got nostalgic for other old shareware titles we used to enjoy. The best place to find them?

From their website:

The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is 
building a digital library of Internet sites and 
other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a 
paper library, we provide free access to researchers,
historians, scholars, the print disabled, and the 
general public.

What this means to us, is a great resource for all kinds of cool old internet and related stuff!

The link above, is to their software archive landing page, however I also spend a great deal of time in their OTR or Old Time Radio section as well. I grew up listening to  great radio shows like the Lux Radio Theater, X Minus One, The Mel Blanc Show, and dozens of other wonderful old  programs.

Back to software, give a browse through their extensive collections, and you may find an old favorite that you can run under either WINE, DosBox, or VirtualBox


Games: NeverPutt Mini Golf

Like miniature golf but can’t get to the local course? Then head over to your Software Manager, and search for NeverPutt!

Software Manager

Software Manager

Neverputt is a silly mini golf game for your desktop. The 3D graphics and sound effects make a fun game to play when you want to waste some time. Several courses are offered, and the game is fun way to work on your mouse skills!



You aim your putter by dragging your mouse left or right, and determine the strength of the put by pulling back on the mouse, then clicking to make the hit.

Sometimes it’s the silly games available that can help relieve some of life’s stresses!