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PGA Tour Flash Version Checking Kills Website Access

First things first, Adobe flash should die. It should have died 5 years ago. It’s a terrible, awful plugin that is prone to hacking, memory leaks and a host of other stuff. We all know that!

I watch ONE single sport here on the farm. That sport is golf. Once an avid player, now that I’m in a wheelchair, I can only enjoy the game on TV. Using a standard antenna for television here on the farm, I’m stuck with only watching on the weekends when a match is broadcast on a local network.

When I’ve been interested in watching on a Thursday or Friday, I’ve always relied on the web. PGATourLive has always been my go-to web site for that purpose, until this year.

Wanting to catch up on a couple favourite players this afternoon, I opened the PGA’s video web site and am greeted with a nice new error message.

PGATourLive error message

PGATourLive error message

It seems the webmaster of the PGATourLive website, decided to do version checking for flash, and they refuse to allow you to view their content unless you’re using version 17+

That’s fine, but the version of flash that is used in Linux, always reports as version 11.2.  So even though I’m running the latest version of Flash where Linux is concerned, web sites that do version checking don’t know that!

2 hours of searching the net, trying to find a way to spoof my flash version were unsuccessful, so I guess watching golf via a web browser under Linux is no longer an option. Thanks guys!

Hey PGA Tour, it’s 2016! How about joining the rest of us and use an html5 compliant video format on your sites!


@FrontierCorp Continues To Stink, Day 2

So on day 1 of the Frontier take over of Verizon, mass outages in the Tampa Bay area. Local Story

I never heard or read of this take over until about a month before it happened. What ever happened to the public being able to let their voices be heard to the Public Service Commission about this kind of take over? It has NOT been in the best interest of Florida so far!


Already Not Impressed With Frontier – Please Give Me Verizon Back!

I feel like I’m in a vehicle, hurtling down a mountain road with no brakes, no steering wheel, in short no control!

I’m one of those poor souls who are being forced into a new telephone company, after Verizon sold their Florida assets to Frontier.

Dear Public Service Commission, you did us no favours!

I’ve been a happy Verizon customer for over 40 years, with the last 4, being a FIOS customer. When I heard about Frontier taking over, it didn’t take but 60 seconds to read countless complaints from other states where this has taken place. Not reassuring at all!

So I get the mailer to create my Frontier user ID. Fine, how hard can that be? Well, it took over 30 minutes!

Screen shot of the Frontier website

Screen shot of the Frontier website

For starters, their web designers have decided to block a users ability to use the context menu or Control-V to paste in your password.

In this day in age where a strong password is important, this prevents me using my password manager and my normal 32 character password!

OK fine, I type in something far less secure and continue on…

Next, they want a mobile number. No, you can’t have it! It’s a required field though, so I just put in the home phone number for the service I’m paying for with them. Then a menu comes up giving me the ability to accept or decline marketing calls to the number.

I decline

At which point, my number is erased from the “required” field and I am not allowed to register! I tried several times to get past this road block, before finally putting in a completely fake, all Zero phone number with my proper area code, and then accepting advertising. This only worked after they decided to throw out a Captcha verification to make sure I wasn’t a robot.

Now, it lets me register

Next, it wants to verify my email address. Fine, it’s a simple thing, and completely understandable.  I click for them to send me an email with the link.

But the email never comes. Turns out that Frontier generates so much spam email, that my mail provider was blocking them from my mailbox! This took a trip to my hosting control panel to actually white-list their domain so the mail can get through.

The mail comes, I click on the link, and it just takes me back to their main site. No indication that my mail has been verified.

I close the window and open it again, and they once again complain that I need to verify my email.

Fine, I ask for another email. Click on that link, with the same results. It took several attempts before their web site acknowledged that my email address was verified.

It won’t let me set up billing and other needs at this point, as the hand-off doesn’t happen until tomorrow. This is the only thing so far that makes any sense.

I’ve read many complaints of double billing during the hand-over, with Verizon continuing to bill when you’re no longer a customer, and Frontier trying to calculate partial months to get you into their billing cycle.  This could be a disaster for those of us on a fixed income.

So far, my experience has been terrible with this company. I’m scared to death of huge price increases after my current Verizon contract expires next year (If they even honour it!)

I may have to change to Bright House cable, and I hear they’re even worse…


Rant: Obama Care – What Security?

It’s bad enough that my wife’s health insurance, that she’d had for years and years was cancelled because it didn’t meet the new rules like no pregnancy benefits (duh, no womb!) and a dozen other stupid requirements that do not even apply to her needs…

… after she signed up for a new policy, at a cost of 600% higher per month than she was paying. *(Oh and for FAR LESS coverage!)…

She started getting dozens and dozens of spam emails directly related to her signing up. Hey government idiots, you selling our personal info for a profit? This taxpayer is not happy with this nonsense.

Lesson Learned: Use a throw-away email address when you sign up for Obamacare!




Firefox Version 34 Search-Bar Rant

I happily upgraded my machines to Firefox 34, and found the new search bar to be very frustrating! There seemed to be no way to change the default search engine unless you entered the Preferences menu to make the change.

Turns out that if you have nothing in the search bar, you don’t get the option of choosing your search engine, as seen below:

Firefox Search Bar

Firefox Search Bar

In the above, the only way to change search engines is to click the Change Search Settings button presented, and then choose your desired search engine.

It was by chance that I figured out that if you actually have your search term in the bar, then and only then are you presented with a menu of available search engines:

Firefox Search Bar

Firefox Search Bar

Frankly, the old way they did it was much handier, and I really wish they would stop fixing things that are not broken!

Most of my searches are done from highlighted text in a web page, and this makes it a rough go. I was able to solve this irritation by installing the Firefox Add-On called Quick Context Search

This lets me choose the search engine directly from the Right Click context menu after I have highlighted the search term.

We love Firefox here on the farm, but gosh guys, it it works, don’t change it!